NAMES of hybrids

Article H.2

H.2.1. A hybrid between named taxa may be indicated by placing the multiplication sign × between the names of the taxa; the whole expression is then called a hybrid formula.

Ex. 1. Agrostis L. × Polypogon Desf.; Agrostis stolonifera L. × Polypogon monspeliensis (L.) Desf.; Melampsora medusae Thüm. × M. occidentalis H. S. Jacks.; Mentha aquatica L. × M. arvensis L. × M. spicata L.; Polypodium vulgare subsp. prionodes (Asch.) Rothm. × P. vulgare L. subsp. vulgare; Salix aurita L. × S. caprea L.; Tilletia caries (DC.) Tul. & C. Tul. × T. foetida (Wallr.) Liro.

Ex. 2. Kunzea linearis (Kirk) de Lange × Kunzea robusta de Lange & Toelken or Kunzea linearis (Kirk) de Lange × K. robusta de Lange & Toelken, but not “Kunzea linearis (Kirk) de Lange × robusta de Lange & Toelken”, which omits the generic name or its abbreviation from the second species name contrary to Art. 23.1.

Recommendation H.2A

H.2A.1. It is usually preferable to place the names or epithets in a formula in alphabetical order. The direction of a cross may be indicated by including the gender-denoting symbols (♀: female; ♂: male) in the formula, or by placing the female parent first. If a non-alphabetical sequence is used, its basis should be clearly indicated.