Article 34

34.1. New names at specified ranks included in publications listed as suppressed works (opera utique oppressa; App. I) are not validly published and no nomenclatural act1 within the work associated with any name at the specified ranks is effective. Proposals for the addition of publications to App. I must be submitted to the General Committee, which will refer them for examination to the specialist committees for the various taxonomic groups (see Rec. 34A, Div. III Prov. 2.2, 7.9, and 7.10; see also Art. 14.12 and 56.2).

[footnote]1 A nomenclatural act is an act requiring effective publication that results in a nomenclatural novelty (Art. 6 Note 4) or affects aspects of names such as typification (Art. 7.10, 7.11, and F.5.4), priority (Art. 11.5 and 53.5), orthography (Art. 61.3), or gender (Art. 62.3).

Ex. 1. In the suppressed work (see App. I) of Motyka, Porosty, Lecanoraceae (3: 97. 1996), one of three specimens of Lecanora dissipata Nyl. (in Bull. Soc. Bot. France 13: 368. 1866) in Nylander’s herbarium in H was designated as the lectotype for that name. This designation is not effective and therefore has no nomenclatural status.

34.2. When a proposal for the suppression of a publication has been approved by the General Committee after study by the specialist committees for the taxonomic groups concerned, suppression of that publication is authorized subject to the decision of a later International Botanical Congress (see also Art. 14.15 and 56.3) and takes retroactive effect.

Recommendation 34A

34A.1. When a proposal for the suppression of a publication under Art. 34.1 has been referred to the appropriate specialist committees for study, authors should follow existing usage of names as far as possible pending the General Committee’s recommendation on the proposal (see also Rec. 14A and 56A).