CHAPTER II. Status, typification, and priority of names

SECTION 2. Typification

Article 8

Recommendation 8A

Recommendation 8B

1 Here and elsewhere in this Code, the term “illustration” designates a work of art or a photograph depicting a feature or features of an organism, e.g. a picture of a herbarium specimen or a scanning electron micrograph.
2 Here and elsewhere in this Code, the word duplicate is given its usual meaning in curatorial practice. A duplicate is part of a single gathering of a single species or infraspecific taxon made by the same collector(s) at one time. The possibility of a mixed gathering must always be considered by an author choosing a lectotype, and corresponding caution used.
3 Protologue (from Greek πρώτος, protos, first; λόγος, logos, discourse): everything associated with a name at its valid publication, e.g. description, diagnosis, illustrations, references, synonymy, geographical data, citation of specimens, discussion, and comments.
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